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A La Izquierda Del Colibrí by Jorge Reyes & Antonio Zepeda

March 30, 2017

Another Bandcamp find, the attention is brought to the question of re-issues. In it’s half-decade, Emotional Rescue presents Jorge Reyes’ masterpiece, a collaborative album with Antonio Zepeda. Apparently it took about 10 years to produce. That alone makes it worthy of the time and effort to share.

about the artist
Jorge Reyes (September 24, 1952 – February 7, 2009) was a Mexican ambient electronic musician who incorporated elements of his native Mexican culture into his music. He performed as the member of several groups (mostly known for his time with Chac Mool ) and collaborations (most notably with Steve Roach as well as Suso Saiz) and as a solo artist

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